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      Home > About us

      TIANJIN HX CHEMICALS CO., LTD. which was founded in Sep 2002, is a new high-tech enterprise which professionally develops coal series carbon materials and naphthalene series intermediates. The company is located in TEDA Tianjin, covers an area of more than 31,000 square meters, only 10 kilometers away from Tianjin port. Our major products is special coal tar pitch and its carbon products, refined naphthalene, 2-naphthol and other dyes intermediate products, Among which took five years to develop the low QI purification pitch and high softening point pitch, filling the domestic blank, every specification has reached the international advanced level.

      Sincerity, hard working, stable innovation is the spirit and principal of our company, scientific, rational, innovative, conscientious is our unswerving spirit of enterprise. We welcome customers overseas and domestic to cooperate with our company with mutual benefit and seek common development !

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