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      • Name of Product:Advanced Binder Pitch Ⅱ
      • Description:
      • Specification:
      • Uses:
      • Packing:
      • Name of Product:Advanced Binder PitchⅠ
      • Description:Black solid particle
      • Specification:Freezing Point:90~120℃ (It can be regulated according to customers’ requirements) Coking Value: 50% min QI: 0.3% max TI:20% min
      • Uses:
      • Packing:In 25kg bag
      • Name of Product:Low QI Pitch
      • Description:Black solid piece
      • Specification:Freezing Point:80~90℃
                Coking Value: 48% min
                QI: 0.3% max
                TI:12% min
      • Uses:Low QI and sodium metal content, as excellent impregnant widely used in the production of ultra-high power graphite electrode and electrical carbon products, can also serve as the materials of producing needle coke and high softening point pitch, using in new style Carbon Materials and many other fields.
      • Packing: In 25kg bag
      • Name of Product:High softening point pitch
      • Description:Black solid piece
      • Specification:Freezing Point:270~290℃
                Coking Value: 70% min
                QI: 25% max
      • Uses:Has a high carbon residue rate and excellent spinning property, for the production of general purpose grade bituminous carbon fiber, lithium-ion battery cathode material, the pitch-based spherical activated carbon and other high-tech carbon products.
      • Packing:In 25kg bag
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